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I’ve practiced individual yoga with Carolyn since 2006 (when I was 54). During that time we have worked on strengthening, opening, and healing both my body and mind. Carolyn is a remarkable practitioner. But those words don’t begin to capture her expertise, wisdom, empathy, total acceptance, warmth, intelligence, gentleness, and capacity to meet a wide array of needs, all of which belie her age.  I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to practice yoga with Carolyn; it is a gift that enhances my life.

                                                                                                                                       - Polly, Brookline MA

Caro’s exceptional gift for teaching is continually nurtured by thoughtful planning, attention to the subtleties of each yoga pose, empathy and well-placed gentle humor. In a group of five, or twenty five, she gives individual attention where needed, is attuned to adjusting for particular injuries and conditions (such as pregnancy). Students feel challenged and supported. They are in good hands. I spent a career in university teaching; in my first few classes with Caro I learned a good deal about yoga …and about teaching.

  - Jack Spence, Brookline MA

I have practiced with Caro for several years now, and her unique style never ceases to both captivate and inspire me.  She creates a meditative, joyous space.  As any student of yoga will attest, a talented teacher such as Caro can have a transformative effect on your life - you will follow them anywhere. Each practice with Caro is a gift you give yourself.

  - Gail Hackett, Boston MA

"Caro is a gifted and inspiring practitioner of yoga, a true embodiment of the rich traditions and contemporary applications of this ancient art and science.  She is a deeply intuitive teacher, uncannily attuned to the bodies, hearts, and spirits of her many devoted students.  Her serene, mindful, and elegant approach allows each individual to attain his or her own best practice.  She is simultaneously calm, meditative, and intense.  In my 30 years of yoga practice, I have had the privilege of working with many dedicated and skillful teachers; Caro is by far the finest.

- Bebe, Brookline MA

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