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Live Online Classes

Hatha Yoga

A moderately challenging flow class that focuses on breath and alignment to create sustained space and ease in the body.

Iyengar Yoga

A challenging flow practice that uses bandhas, breath and alignment to bring you more deeply into your asana practice.

Back Stretch

A perfect class for beginners or those looking for a gentle class. This class uses props, and helps to create both stability and ease. Students are able to ask questions during this online class.

Yoga by the Sea

The Friday Bliss Out Class is one of my favorites and I am excited to be able to offer it again after many years away. This Vinyasa Flow class hits all the right notes at the end of the week, letting you slough off anything that feels stuck or stagnant, and move into your weekend with joy. This class ends with an extended Restorative posture to take you fully into Bliss-mode!

Note: You may want to get a diffuser with some oils to really treat yourself :)

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