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Retreats 2016

Preregistration is required.

You may sign up for one workshop or for a three-series package.

If you would like to sign up for the full series, please contact us early to secure your space. 

The Art of Balance
TYS Signature Retreat With Caro
'Dharma thru Dana': by donation only

Sleepy Winter invites our quieter natures to emerge; for the body to rest and the pace of the mind to ease. Often we find ourselves slowing down, physically and mentally. And yet we can struggle with this transition, swinging too abruptly from activity to lethargy without being mindful of the natural shift in rhythm. It can seem hard to complete tasks that before seemed easy as we find ourselves lost in the discomfort of change rather than riding its ever-present wave. This can lead to a 'downward spiral' around the closing of the year.


To become present within transitions we need to develop the Art of Balance, tending to our human (and sometimes messy!) experience, and then finding balance through mindfulness practices that provide a foundation, a landing pad, for relative ease through the transitional phases of our lives.


Caro offers this day of practice to all who seek to reconnect through yoga, meditation, nature, healthy food, and community. She is delighted to open The Yoga Space to Dana Practice Days, or days of giving, covered by donations only.  As the sun looses its strength and the days become shorter, Winter has always been a more challenging phase of the year for Caro, and through Dana Days she offers Practice and Sangha to all who need it. (Inspired by her teachers Bill Morgan and Susan Morgan)


 This Full-Day Retreat also includes our TYS Signature Golden Tea, The TYS Green Smoothie and Coconut Snacks, Our Beloved Farm-to-Table Community Lunch and a refreshing Hike through Pakeen Farm.



Sunday, December 11th

10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Dana Day

By Donation Only

Preregistration is required

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