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Winter's Ease and Integrative Wellness
A Wellness Retreat: What is Restorative Yoga and How it Can Help
Meditation, Movement and Restorative Yoga for Self-care with Caro


How do we harness the body's innate qualities of winter dusk to enhance our  well-being? In this Full Day Restorative Retreat we will develop intention, community, space, and healthy habits to explore the wisdom of the body within our sleepy winter months. This practice cultivates abiding awareness and ease within exquisitely supportive, warm and nurturing restorative postures, inviting us to shift perspective and allow these colder months to become a time of great release and self-care.


 In its essential form, Restorative Yoga offers a mind-body toolbox to enhance the meditative practice through the body, bringing ease to challenging cycles of anxiety, depression, fatigue and chronic pain that emerge from stress and dis-ease. Within peaceful guided meditations we relax into postures supported by bolsters, blankets and weighted yoga bags, allowing the mind-body network to experience a deep and sustained  grounding and release.  


 Winter's Ease offers:

Winter Yoga and Movement Practice

 Restorative Yoga Practice

Yoga Therapy Pranayama (Breathwork) for Emotional Balance

Svadayaya (self-study) Practice

Group Discussion on self-care practices for winter,

including foods and healthy living resources

This day also includes our TYS Signature Golden Tea, Discussion Smoothie and Snacks, The TYS Farm-to-Table Community Lunch and a refreshing Hike on our Working Farm.

Sunday, February 11th   

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Full Day Retreat: $125

Preregistration is required

Registration is Closed

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