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Relieving Anxiety
Meditation and Restorative Yoga With Caro


There are times when it feels like a struggle to be within our own bodies, to sustain our own felt experience. Turbulence and chronic stress, from without and within, can evoke neural patterning around worry and fear...and yet we rush through life hoping that eventually these deepening cognitive loops will just go away on their own. Without tending, chronic anxiety can develop and become our new normal, setting us into patterns of insomnia, exhaustion, depression, and dis-ease that are hard to escape.


In April, our full-day retreat at the farm is devoted to relieving symptoms of anxiety, introducing breathwork, meditation techniques, movement techniques and restorative yoga to calm the jittery mind and uncomfortable body. Through the Relieving Anxiety practice we reweave the intelligence of the mind with the wisdom of the body and breath, reigniting physiological and neural resting pathways, and disentangling ourselves from loops of chronic stress, racing thoughts and worry. Please join us for a day of insight, relief and deep rest.



Sunday, April 8th

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Single Retreat: $125

Preregistration is required

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