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Half Day Forest Bath
Shinrin-Yoku: The Japanese Art of Forest Therapy 
 with Tam Willey

Did you know that spending time connecting with nature has been medically and scientifically proven to treat stress-related illnesses?  Relax and unplug on a Guided Forest Bathing Walk, a slow-paced facilitated combination of wandering, sitting, and resting.  We will cover no more than 1-2 miles as I Guide us through a sequence of gentle sensory-opening invitations that welcome us to notice more of our surroundings in a way that support reconnecting or deepening our connection with the natural world.  

This practice is inspired by Shinrin-Yoku, a term coined in Japan in the 1980’s, where much infrastructure has been created around designated healing forests.  Shinrin-Yoku translates to Forest Bathing and is a prominent feature of preventative medicine and healing in Japan.  A plethora of studies have been done demonstrating how nature is powerful medicine in treating stress-related illnesses.

Experience the healing power of the forest.


Tam is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.  Tam has first hand experience of the healing benefits of spending time in nature. For more information about Tam take a look at her website,Toadstool Walks.

Sunday, May 6th  

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Cost: $60

Preregistration is required

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