Welcome to the Yoga Library, my hope for connection and wellness during social distancing!


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love and light to all. 


Cobra Pose

Therapeutic: Depression, Lethargy, Closed Heart

Therapeutic: Anxiety, Fear, Adrenal Exhaustion

Rooftop Yoga

Therapeutic: Posture, Walking, Lower back pain

Yoga on the Beach

Therapeutic: Grounding, Cultivating Presence, Hip Release

Vinyasa Yoga

Therapeutic: Stabilizing Hips, Glute rehab, Hip pain, Hyper-mobile SI, Hamstring Pain

Ashtanga Class
Hatha Yoga

Therapeutic: Neck and Shoulder Tension

Yoga at Home

Focus: Heart Opening, Core, Breathwork, Bandhas

Downward Dog Pose

Therapeutic: Anxiety, Fear,  Racing Mind, Difficulty Being Still

Yoga on Beach

Therapeutic: Neck Pain, Shoulder Tension

Yoga on Deck

Therapeutic: Headaches, Shoulder Tension, Grounding

Ashtanga Yoga
Stretch Yoga Pose

Therapeutic: Inflammation, Heat, Irritability, Balancing Inner Fire

Therapeutic: Stagnacy, Negativity, Lack of Focus, Feeling Stuck, Depression, Pelvic Stability, Core

Therapeutic: Anxiety, Fidgeting, Lack of Focus, Hip Instability

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Focus: Heart Opening, Breathwork, Ease

Yoga Session
Women Stretching

Therapeutic: Posture, Walking, Lower back pain

Iyengar Yoga
Yoga Pose
Yoga Pose

Therapeutic: Stagnacy, Negativity, Lack of Focus, Feeling Stuck

Therapeutic: Back Strength, Sciatica, Heart Care

Yoga Equipment
Yoga on Deck

Focus: Breathwork, Dynamic Movement linked to the breathe

Prenatal Yoga

Therapeutic: Stagnancy, Feeling of disconnect, Focus on Balance and Integration

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